Factory Outlets in Europe

Guide to the best factory outlets in Europe

In recent years all over Europe several factory outlets have been added to shopping choice of customers. The American way of bargain shopping is now available in most countries. All mentioned outlets offer a great range of articles at low bargain and of course restaurants.

Europe’s largest factory outlet center

The Freeport Outlet Alcochete (Avenida Euro 2004, Alcochete) near Lisbon in Portugal is the biggest one in Europe.
The complex was opened in September 2004 and features everything a shopper desires spread across 75.000 sqm. The center is open daily and also hosts a cinema as well as almost 20 restaurants.


Factory Outlets in Europe

Factory Outlets in France

The best outlet in France is the Marques Avenue Troyes (230 Rue du Faubourg Croncels, Troyes) which is also the biggest there. Most of your favorite brands will be waiting for you.

Factory Outlets in Germany

The most favorite place for shopping bargains is the Outletcity Metzingen (Reutlinger Straße 63, Metzingen), which is by definition not an outlet center, but a concentration of lots of smaller outlet shops. Especially Boss is known to sell its clothing there at reasonable prices. Also worth a visit are the Designer Outlet Berlin (Alter Spandauer Weg 1, Wustermark), The Style Outlets Zweibrücken (Londoner Bogen 10-90, Zweibrücken) und Ingolstadt Village (Otto-Hahn-Str. 1, Ingolstadt, near Munich).

Factory Outlets in Italy

The Fashion District Valmontone (Via della Pace, Valmontone Roma) should be on the to-do list of every serious shopper that visits Rome. The 6 million visitors each year can’t be wrong. But bring some time to manage all the interesting shopping outlets.

Factory Outlets in Netherlands

In Netherlands the biggest factory outlet is The Designer Outlet Roermond (Stadsweide 2, TD Roermond) that sees most customers coming from across the nearby German border. It even operates on Sundays and offers a huge choice of available brands.

Factory Outlets in Poland

Poland has seen a huge boom in these kinds of shops. Around the capital Warsaw two are in operation and a third one is on the way to being completed. We recommend Fashion House Outlet in Piaseczno (Puławska 42E, Piaseczno).

Factory Outlets in Spain

In Spain the most recommended Outlet is the Factory Madrid Getafe (Avenida Río Guadalquivir 17, Madrid) which has been in operation since 1999 and is definitely worth a visit if you are in Madrid.

Factory outlets in UK

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet in Ellesmere Port (Kinsey Road, Ellesmere Port) with its 30000 sqm is one of the largest of the European factory outlets. It was already opened in 1995 and attracts around 8 million visitors annually. It belongs to MacArthrurGlen, who have several properties in Europe. It can easily be reached from cities like Liverpool and Manchester.
Another big competitor in the outlet market is Value Retail that operates the Bicester Village Outlet (50 Pingle Drive, Bicester) that is another good shopping location in England.
Further up in Scotland the Livingston Designer Outlet (Almondvale Ave, West Lothian) is the top choice about an hour drive from Glasgow. Whereas in Northern Ireland The Outlet at Bridgewater Park (Bridgewater Park, Banbridge) is the most popular one.

More Factory Outlets are on the way

The boom of bargain shopping seems to just have started in Europe as there are plans to double the number of outlet centers in the next 10 years. Especially countries that were left out of the last wave of openings will see developments, which include Serbia, Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine. Several operating centers have expansion plans to enhance the shopping experience even more.